Richard has enjoyed wine for more than 30 years.

Sweet world wines specialises in writing about (generally older) wines that contain some residual sugar (still, sparkling, fortified).  The odd dry wine (most of my wine consumption) may be mentioned,  and rambles along memory lane will occasionally be delivered.

Some sarcasm, humour and irony is unleashed with tales of entirely fictional wines and situations.

A former Australian wine options champion based in Melbourne, Richard  has hindered several wineries during – and after- vintage. He also spends far too much money on wine.

Apart from his wine interests, Richard is slowly learning to play blues harmonica, acoustic – and more recently electric- guitar, enjoys modern and classic literature, arthouse films,  and listens to 50’s and 60’s jazz (John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Miles Davis).

I hope readers gain occasional moments of amusement and delight from my self-indulgent scribbles.



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