Corks and statistics

I am happy with a seal in a wine bottle that provides consistency, and does not interfere with the way a wine should taste.

Cork does not provide consistency and has problems from taint (TCA) and oxidation present in entirely unacceptable percentages. Diam is OK, plastic corks are not. Crown seal is preferred for sparkling wines.

Screwcap is proven to be far superior to cork. There is proof that wines age consistently, and I have only ever had one “leaker” under screwcap despite some dinged capsules.

Statistics of problems with cork that I have monitored for the past few years (of my own wines I have opened)

2017 4.7%

2016 5.5%

2015  7.4%

2014 7.6%

2013 8.6%

2012 5.7%

2011 8.9%

2010 6.4%


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