1989 Chateau Coutet Madame

100% Semillon from barsac. The Madame is not made every year- indeed it seldom appears.

1988 coutet a

I was looking forward to trying this after tasting the standard 1989 Ch Coutet in 2012, but the cork deity decided otherwise. The wine was faintly but definitely adversely affected by TCA. Underneath were layers of orange blossom, marmalade, spearmint and clean acid. What a shame that cork taint made this wine unenjoyable – at least for me.


1997 Ch Climens

1997 ch climens

Gold in colour, apricots and oranges and cream, citrus and spices. 100 g/l residual sugar, so it’s not a blockbuster, nor overwhelming in sweetness. Clean, all is in balance and the wine has a rich mouthfeel with genuine palate length. Faintly dry finish suggests it’s ready to drink, although the maker’s track record suggests it could surprise by lasting (much) longer. 94= points