Musings on Australian grenache – two

Soon after I posted my thoughts about Australian Grenache, I came across a set of youtube postings from Erin Larkin. These very recent episodes are about 10-15 minutes long, and well worth the investment of time.

Part 1– with Toby Bekkers

Part 2– with Giles Cooke (Thistledown)

Part 3– with Pete Fraser (Yangarra) and Stephen Pannell (SC Pannell)

“5 in 5” – five McLaren Vale Grenaches tasted

Read some great insights from Tony Love plus reviews of recent McLaren Vale grenache.

And an older- 90 minute- Wine Australia Webinar moderated by Sarah Ahmed (sept 2020) with Giles Cooke and David Gleave– Thistledown – about new-wave McLaren Vale grenache, as it rattles through tasting twelve wines and talking about the winemakers philosophy. Long, but plenty of educational nuggets here.

There are also some free modules on the Wine Australia education site  about grenache and another on McLaren Vale. You need to sign up, but there is no cost.

If you don’t learn, and see some of the excitement, you are beyond help.


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