Stoney Goose Ridge new release – Hipster’s Reward®

Hector Lannible, CEO of Stoney Goose Ridge presents the latest wine from this progressive company.

Use it or lose it. 2016 Hipster’s Reward® is another new wine in our world-beating portfolio.  This is an entirely natural, “orange” wine. Except that orange doesn’t do the wine justice, It’s very dark, slightly cloudy and fascinatingly petillant.  Another slam-dunk hole-in-one from Stoney Goose Ridge!

This wine was no accident. One of our winemakers was relieved of his duties for completely understandable but persistent over-indulgence of our company’s numerous fine products. The consequence was that necessary preparations were incomplete, and the orange wine is the result of benign neglect. No additions – machine harvested Palomino, Trebbiano and Gordo on a fruit day, bottled on a flower day. Many companies would dispatch the wine for distillation, but Stoney Goose Ridge is much more alert to commercial potential.  We push the envelope outside the square. For this knockout wine, we stepped up to the plate and kicked a winning goal.

Depending on domestic take-up frenzy, we anticipate significant export potential into the ongoing future time-frame period.

Our orange wine is proudly green- the bottle is recyclable, the label is made from Australian hemp, the seal is natural cork, topped with beeswax..

We’ve snookered the competition, and hit them for six. Although we already know that with our trusted branding, customers will leap at the chance to purchase this collectable, we have an extensive campaign targeted at this key demographic, utilising our social branding network including Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and numerous other media and apps.

We don’t care about critics except when they blow our trombone, but Hipster’s Reward® has already been blogged about locally by Jane Holliday, Jenson Olivier, Helen Hook, Maxine Ellen, Nic Stork, Cam Madison, Tom White, Gary Welch and Philip Ritchie, and internationally by Janice Robertson, Robin Parkin, and Tom Akton.  Plus lots of chirps and chatter. It’s been described as the ants’ knees and bees’ pants. Need I say more? Stoney Goose Ridge smashes another touchdown, redoubled in spades.

Stoney Goose Ridge continues to support our distribution chain in the usual pioneering way with rebates, merchandising incentives, promotional and volume discounts, POS, BOGOF and so on.

When we hit the bullseye, the dominoes fall like a pack of cards. Game, set and match– checkmate!

2016 Hipster’s Reward® is available now with an RRP of $16.95, and the definitive classic crafted SGR back label is appended below.

  • Not drygrown, no additions, indigenous yeast, au naturel.
  • Unfined, unfiltered, feng shui bottled.
  • Recyclable bottle, natural cork, biodegradable hemp label, beeswax.
  • MSG free, gluten free, GM free, no milk or nut traces.
  • Suitable for vegans. Carbon offset.
  • Drink in modulation.



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