Stoney Goose Ridge new wine release – Brosé

Stoney Goose Ridge CEO Hector Lannible confided “I’m so excited again- it’s a monster thrill whenever another of my pet projects hits the retail market, and as usual, I’ve had a characteristically and distinctively heavy responsibility for its creation, from concept to culmination and fruition. It’s Brosé, our smashable, super sessionable sensation”.

“Well stylistically it’s inspirationally attuned to the venerable modern nouvelle vague rosé , but with a creative twist so it’s amenable to seasons, weather, time-zones and climates throughout the world.  And we acknowledge the heritage and evolution of rosé and applaud the belated uptake in numerous lucrative markets. But what is the key critical major difference to the superseded existing old-fashioned wines currently available? Now, it’s an empirical, statistically verifiable fact that men have been reluctant to wholly embrace the rosé revolution and participate, generally leaving women-folk to partake. But no longer!”

Where it all began

“We conducted numerous focus groups and widely consulted inter-disciplinary research experts in visual perceptions and chromosomal gender differences to firstly get the colour schematic appropriate, including extensive, legitimate use of Pantone charts. Then, we made truly extraordinary in-depth multi-modal assessments of bottle shape and design, label size, placement, fonts, and so on, and of course the trademark and registration legislative frameworks to ascertain appropriate nomenclature. We undertook uniquely agile tasting trials to get the level of sweet and savoury aligned, including all manner of complex technical chemical organoleptic sensory component interplay including acidity, tannin and other mind-numbing complicated analytic ephemera and minutae. While Brosé was deliberately positioned as an alcoholic beverage that men could imbibe primarily with their intersecting sporting and professional networking entourages, Stoney Goose Ridge took enormous care that women could tolerate, and indeed utterly enjoy the entire demonstrably charm-filled personality profile of Brosé”.

Fine-tuning the deliverables

“Ponder and dwell on the representative attributes of its name; it hints at Rosé, it alludes to brotherhood, it implies foreign mysteries, it suggests Bromance- wonderful, creative, distinctive, subtle. Brosé. So much content and mystique in such a power-packed inspirational trending brand-name -wow!”

“Stoney Goose Ridge’s mandate is always to maximise enjoyment of its fantastic cornucopia of wines.  Brosé is a completely new wine concept that men can be supremely comfortable in asking for, purchasing, and drinking. And women will be delighted to have something suitable to gift to their male friends – something that hopefully they can share. Or just serve up on a picnic, or at the dinner table, whether informal or fancy for fulfilment”.

“For Brosé, we’ve even tweaked our magic colour-coding bar that displays the optimum temperature to drink this wine at – to align with the complete package persona”.

Integrity, validity and reliability   

“Crucially, we had to ensure that our wine-building workers could consistently get the exclusive complex proprietary recipe right; including measures on how to thwart the inevitable wannabe copycat imitators.  The product formula specification is formidable, but I have unwavering faith in my innate ability and obligation to enforce policies, procedures and stringent processes for our wine adjusters to comply with – or else. We ensured bipartisan multi-cross-cultural interplay – we acknowledge, respect and modify the specially curated formula for Brosé to align and reward the nuances within the numerous different sub-market specialty finessed niches that only Stoney Goose Ridge truly deeply connects with”.

 Supporting the pointy end of sales

“Our agents, brokers, wholesalers and retailers have my personal fiduciary guarantee of integrity. We will launch and commit to ongoing perpetual support of Brosé with absolutely the biggest bang in 2017. I’m so proud to lead Stoney Goose Ridge, and that under my hands-on watch we’ve been able to once more leapfrog our competitors and leave them dead in the water”.

Takeaway and strapline

“And be aware, Stoney Goose Ridge has plenty of exciting wine products coming soon in the pipeline up our sleeve”.

“Brosé – not just for men!”


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