2017 Frogmore Creek “FGR” Riesling 10.2%

Tasmania, and around “Forty Grams Residual”, called “medium sweet” on the label. Purchased on clearance from a chain for a bargain $10 recently.

2017 frogmore

There are many terrific Rieslings from Tasmania; but few reach mainland Australia with regularity and tastings are infrequent – I have had successes with Bay of Fires, Freycinet, Heemskerk, Leo Buring “leopold”, Pooley, Pressing Matters, and Tamar Ridge.

Very pale lemon colour, scents of lime, white nectarine and spices. The palate reinforces those impressions; the sweetness melded and disguised with red apple flavours, fruit-tingles and the spice notes. It’s well made, and while I would like a dash more acidity, this is a very food-friendly style that I enjoyed with a decent chill.

Drink to 2025, 88 points


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