Stoney Goose Ridge new release – Lawyers’ Picnic

CEO Hector Lannible stated “we salute the true pioneers and creators, those happy few who have given so much to so many. Lawyers. Our company depends on their endeavours, whether prosecuting those with the temerity to use our trademarks, the inevitable disputes on our numerous cunning contracts, taking on those who defile us in social media, detailing our innovative cutting-edge employment contracts, and establishing and amplifying the complex structures underpinning our taxation minimisation strategies. They fight in numerous jurisdictions at many levels, appealing at the slightest pretext”.

“Their detractors just set up a smokescreen of red herrings – a storm in a teacup, literally. But the circus having writ, moves on”.

“We celebrate the true defenders of our financial institutions against the greed of widows, orphans, and the terminally ill. We applaud their unpopular but critical roles in protecting the rights of pharmaceutical, tobacco, gaming, utility, mining and oil companies, property developers and the multinationals to avoid tax through entirely legitimate use of labyrinthine multiple off-shore entities. And their tireless protection of the rights of individuals, their family trusts, negative gearing and so on. I commend their tireless undertakings to liquidate companies with the painstaking assistance of forensic accountants, and their ability to create phoenix companies for a meagre pittance. Their technical prowess enables our success. Lawyers – long may their baffling efforts continue”.

And it’s a new, bold start – we proudly continue our tradition of a curated back label for our latest creation.”

Lawyers’ Picnic is a limited release wine with a RRP of $19.95.

The informative back label follows

Lawyers’ Picnic- A blend of red grape varieties from premium Australian areas. 13.9% A/v

Mea culpa, mens rea corpus delecti, cogito ergo sum ad hoc pro bono.

Inter alia, force majeure ad nauseum.

Bona fide caveat emptor, compos mentis de facto ex cathedra in flagrante delicto, persona non grata lingua franca; locus dictum prima facie quasi obiter nisi quantum status quo habeas.

Sub judice sui generis de novo ultra vires.


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