Another year over; a new one just begun

An exclusive internal corporate email from Hector Lannible, CEO of Stoney Goose Ridge.

“In this holiday season, it’s timely to introspect and reflect, after a frenetic year’s inspirational leadership at Stoney Goose Ridge.

Once again, we’ve achieved double digit growth in sales, our stock market performance excelled, and more importantly we have improved our ROI.  We’ve won countless medals at prestigious wine shows, numerous advertising, promotional, marketing and media awards, plus the critical and business press naturally applauds our legendary efforts. Our social media rankings are through the stratosphere, new export markets have been conquered, and traditional markets blitzed. And apart from my essential guidance and 24/7 oversight, this could not have been accomplished without the competence and commitment of my underlings.

Both within Australia and abroad, the  many fine Stoney Goose Ridge products are welcome at any occasion- hatches, matches and dispatches. Plus of course anniversaries, celebrations, casual and formal meals, BBQs, and so on whether alone, in couples, small, medium and large groups. Our product portfolio is suitable for family, friends, colleagues – in fact everybody .

For example, just this year we’ve launched our instant runaway successes of Lawyers’ Picnic, and Hipster’s Reward, plus rejuvenated and revitalised all our PLU SKU offerings. There will- naturally- be more new exciting exclusive wines and innovative channel fulfillment deliverables.

We celebrate the successes of all our winningest sales teams; not just our newest Thunderbirds, Rattlers, Buffaloes, Orioles, Grizzlies, Swifts and Sidewinders; we’re excited too about the performance of our traditional long-standing true-blue dinky-di Aussie teams- Dingoes, Macadamias, Koala bears, Wombats, Bilbies, Gumnuts, Copperheads, Bullants, Jumbucks, Lamingtons, and Brumbies.

We reflect on our actions; our commitment to core KPI competencies engendering our highly rewarding bonuses; plus our attention to our necessary soft measures. Our recruitment strategies and ongoing skill development are uniquely admired throughout multiple industries. None would be possible without the scribes that filter and elaborate my illuminating utterances. The contribution from my family is of course essential.

But of course we don’t pause; we face the transformational challenges of this millennium, we march into 2017- refreshed and revitalized-  with a critical mission; Stoney Goose Ridge will naturally prevail; my own new year’s resolution is to go beyond and above, challenging myself to contribute, again, 120% of my endeavors.  This will be a tough audacious goal, but I am confident that with my abilities, and support from my direct reports and sales creatures, my ambitions will be managed.

I am confident you will achieve your own targets magnificently, with ensuing consequent potential recognition.

Good cheer to all, with my blessings, Hector”.


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